Monthly Archives: January 2008

Last night I attended my former roommate/former Miss Utah’s annual Miss America party. Some wore gowns. I stayed close to my good friend Tierra all night. For some reason I hadn’t bathed for two days. There was one heated discussion where I was the only one who argued that Jamie Lynn Spears should not be fired for getting pregnant at sixteen, that pregnancy was not a valid reason for getting fired, that women, no matter their age, have the right to get pregnant or not get pregnant to their heart’s desire. Everyone else thought she should be fired and should give the baby up for adoption. I also argued against adoption, that, while it may be the best option for some, it should not always be the knee jerk response. The conversation ended with me stating that she could keep her job and get an abortion if she didn’t want the baby, etc.
I do, however, love these parties, and hope that my combative comments will not diminish my chances of an invite in the future. Miss USA is in April.


I just saw Patti Smith: Dream of Life at the Sundance Film Festival.
It was amazing.
There was a Q&A with the director afterwards.
How can I be more like Patti Smith?

We joined a gym. We’re on a two week trial period to see if we’ll actually go. For the past several years, I’ve been good about going to the gym every day, so I think I’ll go. I’m excited about the group classes, especially yoga. I’m already in a yoga class, but bumping that up to five days a week can’t hurt. Today I’m getting snowed it, but that’s not an excuse, that’s a fact. We’re missing our orientation with the trainer, but I am assured we can reschedule that. I need new tires, so I only take snowy roads for emergencies like sugar cravings and work.
I’ve been reading How Green Was My Valley, a serious venture into nostalgia. I have to say it is some of the most unique work with dialect I have ever read. My reading is so slow these days, just a few pages at night.

This morning I am letting myself slowly, slowly get snowed in. A very fine powdery snow is falling. I made muffins. I am drinking green tea. I have been doing yoga again, and all is right with the world. Also, I finally have my computer back after a dark, dark period where it was in the shop for a virus (which has been cured, I am told.) Once again I am reminded that my computer is my work, my entertainment, my music, my social interaction, my writing, my everything. Without it, all there is to do is read by the radiator.

Last summer I attended the Cannes Film Festival. Sundance up here has me thinking about film festivals. I didn’t get to choose what I saw in Cannes, it was just whatever ticket the big bodyguard gave me. As it turns out Bikur Hatizmoret was a pretty good flick. See it if you get the chance. I’ve never seen it in the US, but it had good English, French (Hebrew and Arabic) translations. At the time, its French title translation was Un Certain Regard, but I see it’s been changed to La Visite de la Fanfare and The Band’s Visit in English. A completely unexpected, good film.