is this place killing my soul?

Or is it just fine? I am thinking about moving the the spring. The trouble is all the work involved with a move. I really don’t want all of that work, especially since my schoolwork is organized in a very messy way, involving stacks and heaps. When I look out of every window, I see pavement and more apartment complexes. It’s fairly quiet here until the bars close at 2am, then they bring the party (and the uncing) home. The thing is, this place has a very limited residential area, which is where I’d like to live. I’d like a yard and to look out a window and see some form of nature. We have the most amazing sunsets, almost every evening. I want to be able to see those. Now, I can only see a sliver of the sunset between two apartment complexes. At least it’s something. I also know I won’t be able to get a comparable sized apartment, with balcony for this cheap anywhere else in town.
The other option is moving into the boyfriend’s rental. This seems ideal, except for the fact that I fear it might not be fair to him. Also, I would actually have to pack up and move and it would be really nice to leave the aforementioned stacks and heaps in their order here until after I graduate. I gave myself an April deadline, but the decision has been surprisingly difficult and haunting. I can’t decide and I can’t let it go. 


3 thoughts on “is this place killing my soul?

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