good things

I go to this gal for massage, and it is so amazing. I’ve been going about twice a month. Grad student health insurance actually covers 80% of massage, a thrilling detail about my life that I speak of often. I just returned, and I feel so good, relaxed, tingly, balanced. I’m counting all of my favorite things in this town before I have to leave. I have one more year. Finding this great massage therapist is definitely one great thing about this place. It takes me a couple of years to discover the ins and outs of place. This area definitely has some good qualities, and absolutely strangle, freak-flag-flying, esoteric people to go along with it. I’m also looking forward to seeing my one great love who is coming to visit in mere days. Days! This rambling, high, massage induced post will end soon enough. But next I have yoga–a class that I take instead of teach, which feels like such a luxury. Is this is a charmed life, or what?


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