the public

Also, here’s a funny story about how out of touch I am with the public. Today, I used public transit. I had extra time today to figure it all out, so I thought, why not use it to commute to work? Here’s the thing: I stupidly took lunch, thinking I might have time eat it on the train or bus (not only do I have to park and ride, but I also have a transfer :/). Ha! Yeah, I had time to eat, but I could barely breathe the air and I certainly couldn’t touch anything, I had zero appetite as I looked around at all of the bodies crammed into a small, sticky space breathing each other’s farts and recycled air. So, no. I couldn’t eat. One guy appeared to be picking lice out of his hair. I wondered if lice could live in the fabric of seats. I wondered if the train and bus interiors were ever cleaned. Meanwhile, another guy asked me where the Papa Johns was in AF. I said didn’t know, but he said I had “beautiful eyes” anyway. So, yeah, I pretty much probably just found my next ex-boyfriend. It was definitely grittier than the frat melee that Pullman Transit offered. Still, I’ll probably be riding more regularly, especially once the new high speed train is up and running!


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