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Soon, we’ll leave to spend Christmas with my family. Normally, I would stay for a solid three weeks. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay this year, but it won’t be nearly as long. Home has always been a place for me to rest and recover. In the last few years, my family’s situation has changed, and so home is not always as restful as it has been for me in the past. I think that will change as we all fall in to a new routine. Until then, it’s sometimes just hard on me and everyone to stay for a long period of time. I don’t mean that I’m not welcome, I just mean that lives are busy and space is limited. For now.


Christmas scene at Temple Square SLC

Before leaving town, we visited Temple Square in SLC. If you’ve never been, you must go. It’s absolutely beautiful. During the Christmas season, it looks like they put lights on every single branch and flower. During the spring, the gardens are full of hundreds of varieties of flowers. I love going there and walking through the grounds.


fountain at Temple Square SLC

This trip was somewhat ruined by hunger (we should have eaten dinner before we left), but it was redeemed by a surprise concert in the old tabernacle. It was gorgeous and inspiring and reminded me that I love choir and live music.

On that note, while I am home, I will also see a performance of White Christmas at the local opera house. It’s small town theater in this amazing historic building, and I grew up performing in players there. I think the stage is blessed because, small as it may be, the performances are always wildly entertaining.


Christmas lights at Temple Square SLC

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