Utah! Utah! Utah!

I’m getting excited for my trip to Utah. Sure, there have been some nerves, and I’m still not sure how I’m getting from point A to point B, which for someone who likes detailed planning and control is not comfortable. But, I think it will work out well. Today I got an email from SLC Film Center (I still get their updates), and briefly thought that I would be able to see a screening of Stuck! (www.imdb.com/title/tt1412338/) at the Tower Theatre at 9th & 9th. Ah! The memories. Then, I realized that I would be arriving a day late. Too bad. Still, there were so many great things about that city. I always felt safe and oriented when I was there. Of course, I found much of their food options and air pollution to be intolerable, but there were so many other good things about living there. I wonder if I would ever move back. I could see that scenario playing out–living in an apartment in a very old house in the Avenues, hardwood floors, money to burn, a city to walk, Bikram, and a beautiful view. Normally, it’s not the future that I see for myself because there was a lot about living in Utah that did not work for me, but that was mostly when I lived in the Valley. The city was a much happier time. In addition to all of the other schools I watch, I look for job openings there too. Just in case.


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