Where was I? Oh yeah, m-a-n-i-c! I keep saying that in casual conversation, and it takes people aback. I can’t imagine how secretive it must feel to have actual mental illness or depression. People know how to react to physical ailments, but mental ones are a whole other story.

Maybe I shouldn’t use the word manic, but how else should I describe this crazy/hyper increase in creativity and energy. It’s wonderful! I’m accomplishing all of the things. I have energy. Yes, staying focused is a little challenging, but I’ve been newly decisive in ways that I haven’t been able to muster in, dare I say?, years. That means buying all of things and making all of the plans.

Throughout the summer, I considered buying my first home. It’s hard to know what to do, but now, I’m so glad I don’t have the responsibility of a home and am not chained to a mortgage. Instead, I’m going to enjoy this year by spend my money traveling, buying a new car, and skiing.

I’m also trying to squeeze every drop of summer out of September. I spent last weekend in a hospital doing doula work. Hopefully I’ll have a few good weekends of summer left. I still want to be in the water, but the leaves are turning on the mountain, and soon I’ll need to shift to winter.


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